Thursday, June 14, 2007

Storm Front Finished

I also finished Jim Butcher's Storm Front a couple days ago. It is probably less than 100K words and reads pretty quick. I suppose it was good enough to give two stars to but it's really not my cup of tea. The first strike against it is first person narration. It's an urban fantasy about an openly practicing wizard in Chicago. He's a private detective of sorts but is brought in to advise police on the weird cases. The first book is pretty straightforward; stop the menacing evil wizard who's killing people with magic. It was entertaining to see the way Butcher handles his magic system but I don't know if that can carry through the seven books he now has. The hero, Harry Dresden, is a likeable guy and finds plenty of challenges caused by his innate humanity even though he is one of the most powerful wizards around. I'm reading the second book in the series now, mostly because a friend gave them to me and said they get better. More reports to follow.

BTW, the super secret writing project is nearly finished and stands at 14,600 words.

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Emily Suess said...

I'm very impressed with that word count. It's quite an accomplishment.