Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Shadow and Night

This month's book tour covers The Shadow and Night by Chris Walley. This is mostly a science fiction tale with strong elements of fantasy and of course with a Christian message. What strikes me as most interesting about the book and the entire series is how mankind seeks peace and harmony yet cannot seem to gain it. But what if we did? How long would it last if it is built upon the knowledge of Man alone? (The answer, for those of you slow on the uptake, is not too long.) It is my contention that peace and harmony would either dull our senses and allow evil to slither through society at will or it would have to be imposed upon us by removing all traces of freedom. Since either option is bad, I must stand strongly against Peace and Harmony. Long live Strife and Discord!


Fantasythyme said...

Good point about mankind gravitating toward discord and strife. Walley alludes to this in a way with the Gate technician who remarks that the Gate just works because it has always worked. merral reminds him that nothing created by man last forever. In this case it may be the Assembly that fails.

Jeff Draper said...

Mankind gravitates to discord and strife because it appeals to our basic sin natures. Until Jesus returns this will continue to be a world ruled by the aggressive use of force. We can try to deny that all we want but its true. In a civilized society we create protections for our populace but even those aren't perfect and people still get killed over burning the meatloaf for dinner. On the international scale there are currently just too many people who want us dead to do anything but respond with the credible threat of force. Like it or not, violence solves everything.