Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Granite Strand

The next story I've begun in my current series is called "The Granite Strand" in keeping with my theme of including a word from the world of nature in the titles. The current stories within the series, which I still can't give a whole lot of details on, are:

Thunder Canyon
River of Bones
Broken Rocks
The Granite Strand

I'm 2000 words into this story and reaching an interesting point in the overall tale as a whole. The stakes are increasing, the complications are complicating, and the cast of characters is expanding. The more the hero continues on his quest, the more things get in his way. (Usually to their detriment.) While this poses challenges to the writer it is also a more fertile ground for cool story elements. For example, the Granite Strand is envisioned as a massive, miles long terrain feature of rock that fractures and separates into towers of granite along the seacoast, with water moving around them like a flooded cityscape. Throw in a ship with precious cargo, angry warlock hunter-killers, merchant lords with their own agendas, a hero who has to watch his back, and a surprise special guest… shoot, you've got yourself a party.


Keanan Brand said...

The Granite Strand is an awesome title, as is River of Bones--intriguing, and they tell a bit of the story. Very cool.

Rogue Blades Entertainment said...

Do all these tales continue a certain character's trek? If so, that's cool to know!

And yes, those are some great titles.

Jeff Draper said...

KB- Thanks.

VD- Yes, Jason, they continue a certain character's trek. Which is why I can't say much at the time, Jason. (Hint, hint.)