Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Triond: Big Money, Hot Cash, Massive Income

After checking my Triond account for the first time in a few months I've discovered that they've upgraded the dashboard and made it easier to see which of my Life Lessons From the Marines articles are being viewed and how much money they've made. Two amazing things came of this. First, I'm up to about seven bucks now in total income over the last two years. Maybe I'll celebrate by throwing all that money on the floor and rolling around in it. Second, one of my articles has amassed nearly 1900 views in all. It's way above the hit rate for all the others. Not sure how it happened but it can be seen here: Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome. Other crowd favorites are The Nature of War (Life) and Combined Arms. If you'd like to unscrew your life then I highly suggest you read them all. (And share them with everybody who's life is a pathetic mess.) The link can be found over on the right.


Brandon Barr said...

Hey, congratulations on the Rage of the Behomoth antho!

Jeff Draper said...

Thank you very much. The story was great fun to write and has spawned all kinds of new ideas and sequels.

Brandon Barr said...

Have you been published by Rouge Blade before? They sound like a great group.

Also, have you written any heroic fantasy novels?

James De Vere said...

Hello Jeff,

Is this tongue-in-cheek? I see Triond as a hugh idea bank full of creative currency.

As for real dollars, ha. Leave that to the finaciers.

Thanks, mate . j

Jeff Draper said...

Brandon- I have a story in Return of the Sword called "The Battle of Raven Kill." A collection of posts regarding its creation can be found on the right.

As for novels, I've made three attempts over the years and they've all failed. Currently I'm working on what's become a series of interconnected stories all following the characters of "Thunder Canyon" which is coming out in Rage of the Behemoth. They're coming close to what I'd call a novel.

JDV- There have been several posts like this regarding Triond and they all have the same flavor. I started the series of articles as a lark and it's been interesting to see what's happened. I keep thinking I'll write more but never get around to it. One thing though, my posts on this blog about Triond seem to generate the most hits from search engines, which is why they're worded the way they are.

Jerry said...

Hello mate nice poost