Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vermont and Rhode Island Suck

And now for something completely different. Google Analytics has revealed, by way of a curiosity induced search of all traffic to my blog, that no one from Vermont or Rhode Island has ever visited. Now remember, I'm talking about internet traffic patterns. I don't care where you were born, I just care where you were sitting when you clicked. If anyone has friends in either of those two states (or within easy commuting distance) please tell them that I dislike seeing empty spaces on the pretty map that Google shows me and ask them to fix it. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff:

Please accept this apology on behalf of all Vermonters. I am writing this morning from Pownal, Vermont, the southernmost town on the west side. It's a beautiful morning, if you like three or four inches of wet snow in late March. All things considered, I'd rather be planting radishes, but I'll have to settle for reading seed catalogs.

With best regards from The Green Mountain State,

Jeff Draper said...

Excellent! Vermont no longer sucks. Many thanks.