Saturday, September 30, 2006

Number One Sees Red

This morning I got another page written in my story of the centurion. The working title is "Faith" and I'm starting with a scene inside his house between him and his sick servant. I want to show the bond between them so I thought having the centurion cleaning him and changing the bed linens would be a touching way to show it.

After that the family split up and took charge of the day's activities. Wife took the minivan and sons number 2 and 3 with daughter and went to number two's soccer game. (They scored a goal!) I took son number 1 to his dojo and watched him test for his red belt. I was pleasantly surprised to see him work his way through the techniques. He was much smoother and in command of himself than I thought he'd be. The sensei was also impressed and said his was one of the best performances of the day. I was happy to see that number one had set a goal to get that belt and worked hard to overcome whatever obstacles (some self induced) that got in his way. Yay him.


Seren said...

He must have been a very special servant to have received such treatment? What are you thinking of in his backstory?

seren said...

And now for the second part:

I well remember dutiful attendance at the soccer and rugby fields on Saturday and Sunday mornings, wrapped up in warm clothes against the cold wind and the rain. Son no. 1 was a very competent goalkeeper and an enthusiastic rugby player who was keen to play in all weathers. Sons 2 and 3 displayed a marked preference for the comfort of their beds on those days.

It's one of the most wonderful things in the world to see your children achieving. I hope your children continue to surprise, confound and astound you with their talents!