Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some Clever Stuff

Two things of interest from this morning that I wanted to share, one is mine and one is someone else's. (I've got more time here during lunch than I thought, I missed the keynote speaker due to an errand that ran long.)

We were asked to write an opening line or book blurb that would hook a reader. Someone in class came up with this one that got the best reaction from the group (and I'm paraphrasing badly):

"When Jane found a body in the ditch she knew it would be difficult for her. The police were skeptical, her parents were ashamed, and her church group shunned her. The only one who took her seriously was the killer who knew exactly where she lived."

That's pretty good.

If we didn't have a mystery novel in the works, which I don't, we could come up with an opening line following the dialogue, "Where were you last night?" I offered this tidbit and it seemed to go over well:

"Rachel hid the knife in front of her and did not turn around. He was not close enough to kill with one strike and the kids might wake up any minute."

I then patted myself on the back.

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