Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Lovely Bones

Today I actually made time to go over the novel I'm currently kicking around and came up with some new ideas that helped to put it together, structure wise. I've had separate body parts and fleshy bits in both note and first draft form for quite some time now but I wasn't really sure about the skeleton to hang all that on. Despite yeoman work by my trusted beta reader to organize my thoughts, I hadn't gotten very far in the last year. One of my problems was too many ideas. Another was a lack of an antagonist in human form. I've come up with an idea for a rival who will work into my existing idea of an ancient spirit as the chief antagonistic force. Good times.


'trusted beta reader' said...

Hoooray! Get the flags out! Progress! And best of luck with it too. May the Muse bestow inspiration upon you and keep the ideas coming.

One thing though - do you think you could upgrade my efforts from 'yeoman' to something a little more aristocratic? And a raise in pay would be nice, come to think of it.

Scriptorius Rex said...

How about stellar efforts? Inspired work? From God's mind to your fingertips?

I shall double your pay. Next Tuesday.