Saturday, April 14, 2007

Not So Good Book

I should mention the book I'm reading now because it's not very good. I sped through The Charnel Prince while in Korea and had to find something else. The PX at Yongson Garrison was not exactly a Barnes & Noble so the pickings were slim. I chose The Children of Chaos by Dave Duncan. I'm not impressed. Duncan has written a few other novels that have looked interesting, The King's Blades and The Jaguar Knights come to mind, so I thought it was a good risk. While the idea is interesting, a duodecahedronal world with each face surrounded by almost impassable ice, the execution of the story is falling flat. Three children are separated as youngsters to be hostages in order to ensure their father's submission to invaders. They grow up in the enemy's lands and assume certain roles there only to be joined when the war slips into stalemate. I'm about three quarters of the way through the book and only one of the children is actually interesting, the other is passable and the third is bland as cabbage soup. I suppose I will struggle through but if I don't finish it by the time my copy of The Blood Knight arrives, it goes back to Half Price Books.

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