Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beauty in the Little Things

I have to tell you about Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, for two reasons. 1) I'm one of the few from Seattle that can spell it. 2) The way the lake comes right up to downtown is amazing. There's a city park at the end of Northwest Avenue where the downtown core sits. It's got plenty of tall evergreen trees as well as a stage and a huge play area for the kids. The lake stretches out away in one direction and the shops and restaurants and hotels are right across the street behind you. It's the sort of place I'd want to hang out in if I lived here. But today, I had to settle for lunch. Seagulls, boats coming in and out, the lake houses on the other shore... it makes you thank Almighty God for every breath He gives you.



Reading this post makes me homesick for the Pacific Northwest. I spent most of my first fourteen years of life in Oregon--Idaho's neighbor--and I miss it.

Seren said...

Isn't Idaho renowned for its potato growing? Or have I confused it with Iowa?

Jeff Draper said...

Two things made Idaho famous: Potatoes and the New Aryan Nation. It's not surprising that they chose 'Famous Potatoes' as the slogan to put on their vehicle license plates.