Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Forward Progress Resumes

"Broken Rocks" has crossed the 5000 word mark after going back and forth across the 4K mark a few times. The pesky middle has been fairy dusted over and awaits a more brilliant rewrite than I'm capable of now. The characters are gathering in the bright lights of the big city and soon things will start to take their places in various hastily created rubble heaps. My basic plan for Act Three is to take all the characters, put them in the same area, apply heat and pressure, and shake well. I've found that these scenarios often draw some of the best writing out of me and produce some pleasant surprises that can become sparks for further stories. Oh, what joy.


NewGuyDave said...

Nothing like a little momentum to stir the proverbial vegetable stew. I find my ideas boil to the top much better even if I write something unrelated to the current WIP.

Jeff Draper said...

I've often found that it's the action of writing that produces ideas just as much as the onset of a sudden idea producing the incentive to write.