Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Yahoo! Sucks

Just so you know, the new version of the Yahoo! home page looks horrible. Consider this a public service announcement.


Babo said...

I agree. Totally not usre-friendly. And how many times are they going to keep changn it. It seems they do it every damn year.

Anonymous said...

I have always rooted for the underdog. I am sorry Yahoo is so bad i cannot remain silent any longer. Pop up ads? Even a pop up survey??? COME ON!!! and when i clicked yes to the survey to tell them yahoo is a joke they stalled my browser. HUH??? So yahoo is now a virus, and the management and design teams are out of touch with reality. Shutting down geocities? Charging 34 dollars to keep a domain after the first year? Not have a batch renewal for my 400+ dot coms? Come on... yahoo is a joke. Period. Trash, a virus... horrible. Begone... one underdog I hope gets assimilated... including that stupid name. Yahoo.

Jimmy HATES Yahoo said...

Since the new crappy page became permanent on November 11th, here's what you can do:

Found a link where we can give feedback to those morons at Yahoo. It’s a direct feedback link for the "team who created the new Yahoo! homepage." Let’s tell them it sucks ass.

Please spread around.


skotty no happy said...

I can not believe it.
The new yahoo is the WORST EMAIL service yet now as of AUGUST 2011.

I have 4 accounts. Now the sorta like flash version. Controls everything. Directs you to do everything all from with Yahoo.

The email naming function is named, not or but just a bland name like Carol or steve..
HOW STUPID are can yahoo get.

The worst yet, is now for the first time, firefox has crash yahoo site 19 times in two days.

Never before had I trouble with it.

YAHOO, has to send idoits to screw things up. Thanks yahoo for become one with big brother. Couldnt yuou keep is simple?

KISS (Keep it simple STUPID).

See, God is with me, the word verification below is this;

isyahmud Is yahoo mud?

Peas 'n Carrots said...

I'm done with yahoo.. what happened to the "World, News, Local, etc.. tabs???

Anonymous said...

Im with ya , the new screen really sucks donkey balls

Anonymous said...

I agree with all. I can't stand it!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is SUCKS