Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Yahoo! Still Sucks

And I can't say that it's growing on me. In fact, the more I try to use it the more I find ways for it to suck worse than it already does. Does anything on the new interface actually work twice in a row or does everyone else get the error message so often that it burns a pattern in your CRT? They must be trying to get into Guinness's for colossal suckism.


Keanan Brand said...

Yeah, I can't trust the mail alerts.

Sometimes I'm informed I have new mail, then check it only to realize the alert is bogus. Or no alert pops up at all, and I have five new messages in my box. But, most often, I get the annoying "error" message.

Oh, the joy.

Nickname unavailable said...

yea...the new Yahoo! totally sucks...designed for MOBLIE devices and not the home user anymore :(