Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roar of the Crowd Unveiled

Roar of the Crowd is the latest signature release from Rogue Blades Entertainment and I am in it. "Love and Revolution", which I wrote about a month or so ago, has been accepted for publication later this year. As it has been with the last two anthologies from RBE, this is an absolute thrill.

The special requirements and constraints applied to the submissions of this anthology proved to be complex and challenging. There had to be some kind of sporting-type event that included a crowd, they had to be involved in the story in an irreplaceable way, and there had to be some kind of fantasy element involved. Luckily it didn't also have to be set in the early afternoon of the second Tuesday of the month.

"Love and Revolution" sprang from the simple idea that the hero had to get his true love back. The rest just sort of wrote itself, complete with explosions, knifings, spearings, swordings, and more explosions. It's set in a gladiatorial arena in Roman North Africa around 250AD in the early afternoon on the second Tuesday of the month. I hope you all enjoy it.


von Darkmoor said...

You, good sir, are someone worthy of sitting down upon some sunny afternoon with and imbibing in some boisterous tales and wondrous spirits!

Jeff Draper said...

The story of the drunk Korean general is much better when I tell it in person.