Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crash of the Titans

Took some time the other day to go see Clash of the Titans. This is a big loud movie with lots of dazzlement. It wasn't bad, but for most of the movie I was wondering about character motivations. I just couldn't quite follow why everything was happening. The whole theme of the movie is Man vs Gods. At times there seemed to be contradictory messages and I was left to puzzle out the meaning of it all. Thankfully, right about then something large and beastly would show up and a disagreement would erupt. Good fun stuff that.

For us in the real world there is a separation between God and Man that is bridged by faith because God's direct actions in our lives are mostly covert. But when the King of Argos declares that the Age of Men has begun it isn't but a few seconds of screen time before Hades himself shows up and demonstrates that the gods aren't quite done yet. In the face of such obvious power there were still several characters running around saying how wonderful and strong men were. Also, you had Perseus (with a cool Australian accent amidst the rest of the Greek warriors) who hated the gods and demanded quite clearly that he would beat them with only his manly powers. But soon it becomes obvious that he can't do it so he resorts to cheating by getting himself a Medusa head, using his magic sword, and flying on the magic horsey. Then you also had Zeus who wanted the love of the people he created so much that he let his brother terrorize them and release a giant turtle-squid on them. I didn't quite follow the logic in that.

So even though there are really cool giant scorpions, which are always fun to watch, you might want to rent this movie instead of shelling out 9 bucks for it unless you really have to see it on the big screen.

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