Friday, March 30, 2007

Anyang Ha-Sseo

Well, this is it for my trip to Korea. ENDEX was sounded and we all get to make our way back to where we came from. I didn't get to do any walkabouts this year so I'll have to describe what I can see from the tent.

The most remarkable thing on the skyline of Seoul is the giant skytower atop a hill on the north side of the Han river. Being from Seattle, I know my skytowers and this thing is awsome. Probably a thousand feet high from the look of it, it has a huge observation deck about as big as two or three Space Needle decks. The deck is in the middle and there's a steel girder tower structure soaring above it. The lower half is a giant cylinder of white. The really spectacular thing about it is the lights at night. Lots of colors and spotlights calmly changing all up and down the tower as the clouds play tag with the very top.

The other noticeable tall thing is the Hyatt hotel but that is hardly as impressive.

A curious and promising thing is the number of red neon crosses sticking up from building all over the skyline. I remember a stat from somewhere that Korea is now over 50% Christian with most of the other half Buddhist and a couple of percent animist/spiritist. This is the kind of ally you want in the Pacific theatre.

I'm headed to Incheon International Airport next and will spend most of the day there before flying back to Hawai'i. Hopefully while I wait I can get another bottle of Pocari sweat. That stuff's great.

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