Monday, March 26, 2007

A Day in the Life

So here's how things roll here:

0440- Get out of the rack, get my sweats on, go to the rec tent and check personal email, send out a blog entry.
0500- Male shower hours begin, take care of personal hygiene.
0515- Go back to tent and start getting my uniform on, which for the exercise includes helmet and flak jacket.
0530- Catch shuttle bus to chow hall.
0600- Finish chow and walk over to the command center.
0630- Start turnover briefs
0700- Sit through General's morning brief.
0800- Praise God that the brief is finallly over and the bleeding from my eyeballs can stop.
1200- After spending hours working with a room full of Marines who do nothing but prepare PowerPoint slides, go to noon chow.
1300- Get back to command center and work with PowerPoint some more.
1600- Give my portion of the General's afternoon brief.
1830- Night shift arrives, begin turnover brief.
2000- Get back to my tent, eat a candy bar for dinner
2100- Stop reading whatever book I have try to begin sleeping.
0440- Repeat.

Three more days...

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