Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sixteen and Six

So far I've managed to send out 16 queries to agents regarding 1000 Things About Me. Six have rejected it already, some getting back to me within hours. The process is not what I expected. When I seriously started working towards publication a few years ago I did my research on how to do it. Back then the primary method was mailing proposals and query letters through the mail. Very few agents accepted email queries. Oh what a difference a few years makes. Now the are very few agents who don't accept email and most of them prefer it. This makes things easier. Now it only takes a few minutes of cutting and pasting to send the email off. Also, they can respond much quicker and don't have a load of paper piling up on their desks. Ain't technology grand?


Two Write Hands said...

It's exciting. Hope one of those queries hits the right editor at the right time!

Fred Charles said...

This is great news. I was getting ready to start printing out several hard copies of my manuscript.

Good luck with your quest for publication!