Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gardens Goes All Middle Eastern On Me

Gardens of the Moon is holding up fairly well. The second part has opened up with the action shifting to the quasi Middle East city of Darujhistan and an assassin's guild war that is fought along the shadowy rooftops of the city at night. There is a very annoying character that appears to be central to the action and I'm hoping he gets killed off very soon. The pace of the book is slowing but it is still interesting enough to hold my attention. The writing is good and Erikson has several cool way of turning a phrase. The characters from the first part were really starting to grow on me so I hope they get back on stage soon.

In other news, I've got two things I'm trying to write this weekend. One is a time travel flash fiction piece that is taken from a story I wrote about fifteen years ago. The other is a new scene with a new character in my slowly simmering novel Broken.

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Howard von Darkmoor said...

Keep reading, good sir, keep on a reading!