Sunday, December 02, 2007

OK, So That Was a Bit Ambitious

Didn't quite get to That Roman Story but I did finish the final edit of "The Battle of Raven Kill" and it has now been sent to Flashing Swords. With helpful pointers from the best beta reader in the free or oppressed worlds I think I have captured a touching, heartfelt story and still managed to bash a few brains in at the same time. I just hope the good people at Flashing Swords don't mind a story with no swords.



I had grand plans for editing one of my manuscripts this weekend--thought I'd get through three or four chapters. Haven't even finished one. Now it's Monday. On the upside, something WAS accomplished in forward motion.

No swords in a Flashing Swords tale? (shock, gasp) Were there maybe cool little bolts of light, instead, or some other interesting weaponry?

the best beta reader etc etc said...

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!"

(thumbs nose at Scriptorius)

Mine's got swords!!! 8-)

I think I have captured a touching, heartfelt story

So when do I get to see it?

Scriptorius Rex said...

KB- No swords but lots of clubs and spears.

Beta Jones- Check your inbox.