Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Good Week For Raising Your Geek Quotient

As an occasional stamp collector, the news that Royal Mail was releasing a series of James Bond stamps made me get all giddy. Whenever I travel abroad I try to make time to get to a post office in Japan or Korea and mail myself some postcards with whatever cool stamps I can find. I also have some stamps from Oman, Egypt, and Singapore. However, since I don't have an official 'stamp collection album' or anything like that I can still claim non-geek status.

But, I tell you, it sure would be nice if I knew someone in Great Britain who thought I was worth a couple lousy quid and would mail me some of them James Bond stamps. Not that I'm begging or anything. I'm just saying...


Phil Ately said...

Are these the little darlings you're drooling over?

If you ask me nicely ... then maybe, just maybe ...

Scriptorius Rex said...

Yes, those would be the ones. But here is my predicament:

a) To actually ask for them crosses over into a level of geekdom I'm not yet comfortable with.

b) But I really, really want them.

c) I'm afraid my very particular quirks when it comes to stamps might be a bit of strain on the generosity of just about any normal human; you see, stamps are much cooler when they've actually been through the mail and have a real cancellation mark on them and maybe some roughed up patches from careless postal workers but I don't know how much postage it would take to get to the States and so it would be some combination of stamps on several postcards but then you'd have non Bond stamps mixed in with the Bond stamps and that just wouldn't be right so the only solution is to over postage the cards with two or three of them depending on their values and that could get complicated and again become a burden on whichever kind soul took pity on me and so that's why what I really want is for someone to read my mind and just mail them with maybe a postcard of London or the Yorkshire countryside.

Or something like that.