Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Simplify Your Life Through Technology

This morning I had the pleasure of being awoken at 5:30 by Son Number One who had something urgent to tell me about our computer. That would be the computer that we upgraded to about nine months ago because the old one was several years old and running slow. Seems that Son Number One had downloaded something for his Zune, after right-clicking and scanning the file for viruses, and now there were all kinds of windows popping up saying that we had been infected with spyware. If only it were that simple. The virus we got was cleverly disguised to look like real Internet Explorer windows suggesting that we could remove this trojan malware thingy by purchasing a special virus remover. I spent several minutes trying to weed through the windows that kept appearing before I finally had to go to work. Of course he calls an hour later saying that there was still a problem. (This is when I discovered that it is literally impossible to talk a teenager through a computer situation.) So anyhow, I get home tonight and spend more time trying to make the machine that simplifies our life stop complicating our life. We'll see if I'm successful... Probably tomorrow morning at 5:30.

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