Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RotS Reviews IV

The Red Worm’s Way- This story was impressive for two reasons. It was well written with engaging characters and it was quirky but held my attention all the way through in a way that quirky stories seldom do. Quirky humor is very hard to pull off but this story is laced with it. That is, if you find the eating of dead human flesh funny. What makes the story such a great success is the dry and rather world-weary protagonist, Morlock Ambrosius. “Defend this body against a bunch of ravaging corpse eaters? Sure, why not. Is the pay good?”

To Destroy All Flesh- This is the story I was really looking forward to and it definitely does not disappoint. Michael Ehart does it again with a tale of the Servant of the Manthycore. The Servant is on her way throughout the land in search of a means to free herself and the lover of her youth from bondage to the vile Manthycore. This story will be especially enjoyed by those who have bought and read Michael’s book. They will appreciate the subtlety of the tale as they see another chapter unfold in the life of The Servant and her daughter. Oh, and you’ve just got to love the props in this one. Doesn’t everyone have a huge ancient boat just laying about the place?

Guardian of Rage- A hero on the run through sewers, dragging along a scared little girl, and chased by the dead and a demonic tentacle beast. This has al the makings of a bad day getting worse. Our hero, Jack Spryte, clearly wants to be somewhere else but has to survive long enough to accomplish that. The story moves along at a good clip, the villain is appropriately nasty, and a couple of neat fight scenes make this a good all around tale.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Quite the 3-story combo, eh Jeff? But what happened to the nonfic piece in the middle? Don't tell me it left you speechless.

I've enjoyed following along with your running commentary - it's interesting to discover the multiple takes each reviewer has to offer thus far.

Scriptorius Rex said...

The nonfic hasn't been read yet, I've just skimmed it. I didn't want to presume to critique what is basically an opinion piece. I may change my mind on that.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Fair enough. Though it could be said all advice is but opinion. It's up to the receiver (us) to determine how much weight is behind it, is all. And in that case, I've determined there's some pretty decent weight balancing this particular nonfic piece.

Besides, I'm always curious to hear everyone's opinion on all components of the antho ;)


It's on my wish list at Amazon (where the book is temporarily out of stock).

There aren't any reviews there, though--have you considered collecting the reviews you've posted here, and posting them there? Might help generate some more sales.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Not a bad idea, Jeff. I agree with Keanan ;)

and Keanan, thanks for tossing House von Darkmoor on your blog - I've returned the favor and linked to the Advanced Fiction Writing Blog, too.

As far as Amazon 'being out of stock' - they only order it if it's ordered by a customer, so that's just to cover shipping time. Order away, good sir!


Thanks -- and I'll get on over to Amazon and place that order.