Monday, March 03, 2008

Some Kind of Zombie

The twelve hour shifts started a few days ago and I've slumped into the routine of get up, stand watch, sleep, repeat. It is that semi-living kind of status that puts you on autodrive until the exercise is over.

One thing of interest here that I've never seen before is an incident of 'yellow sand' in the air. This is my fourth or fifth trip to Korea and I'd never heard of it before now. Apparently certain weather conditions pick up huge amounts of dust from the Gobi Desert and blow it all over Manchuria and the Korean peninsula. It's a odd thing to see; not white enough to be fog but not high enough to be smog. For an added benefit, there are high levels of heavy metals and other irritants in it. Walking around in it for any length of time starts to make the back of your throat tingle like you've walked into a very weak gas chamber. One more reason Korea is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here.


Two Write Hands said...

Nothing like a few pollutants to make you appreciate fresh air, huh? :)


Not that there's any comparison to heavy metal in the air, but I immediately thought of copier toner--how either dumping the used toner or pouring in the new stuff can raise a cloud of fine black powder that leaves a person with black boogers and stained fingertips.

Usually the copier needs this sort of service when either 1) the new guy is using it when it simply stops working and he doesn't know what to do so he comes and gets me, or 2) I'm wearing something that doesn't take too well to being coated in fine black powder.

Again--not that it compares to breathing in hours and hours of yellow sand, of course.

Scriptorius Rex said...

Yes, fresh air is nice. Especially the 72 degree fresh air blowing through the lanai where I'm typing this comment. I'm back for my one day layover in Hawai'i before flying back to Seattle. (Where the air is fresh but rarely 72 degrees this time of year.)