Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Rough Draft Edges Closer to the Cliff

The rough draft for That Second Roman Story Set Entirely in Greece is dangerously close to committing suicide by throwing itself off the Cliff of First Draft Completion. Tomorrow morning I will have worked out the last scene and all remnants of its rough draftism will be gone. To mix my metaphors, I'm glad this one simmered as long as it did. It's coming together like a nice pot of chili instead of a microwaved Hot Pocket. But of course this means I have to come up with a title for it and that hasn't been easy with these Roman stories. I've also started outlining a Third Roman Story with our protagonist, Apollo Valerius Delphinius, and this one is Set Mostly If Not Entirely In Rome. Details will follow as they always do.

BTW, still nothing from Rhode Island. What's up with those guys?

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Just got a message from Amazon.com that my copy of RotS is in the mail. Can't wait!