Saturday, August 30, 2008

John McCain: The American President Americans Have Been Waiting For

I do not normally highlight my political beliefs in this blog for two reasons:

1. It's a writing blog, not a political one.
2. As soon as you take a stance on politics, half of everyone you previously knew hates you.

But what I find amazing (and I don't often amaze myself) is how stirred I am by this current Presidential race. McCain wasn't even my first pick in the primaries. Come to think of it, he wasn't my second, third, or fourth. That's all changed now and I find myself really charged up about the possibility of a McCain victory. It's more than just my natural leaning towards the Republican party as the current vehicle of conservatism in America. It's more than just the scary prospect of an Obama administration and how they will increase taxes and government control. I'm finding there's something about McCain, something about his life story, something about his drive and integrity and plain talk that are causing an emotional connection like I never had with either of the Bushes or even Reagan. (Of course, I was in High School when Reagan was President and while I was conservative, I was, ummm, less refined.)

I think the POW/military angle is primarily responsible for this but there is also the real chance that somebody is finally going to take the reins in this country and actually do something to cut back on the encroachment of government. Palin was an excellent choice for VP. They both have that maverick reputation and I hope they get in office and start reforming things that have long festered.

McCain & Palin: Faith in the hope for change that we can believe in.




I grew up on my dad's stories from his childhood and from his service during Vietnam, and perhaps that's part of the reason McCain's story appeals to me. McCain wasn't my first pick, either, but there's no denying his sacrifice and sense of honor and duty to his country.

Mrs. Palin is one upstanding woman, and I'm happy she's part of his team.

Jeff Draper said...

My dad also served in Viet Nam and I find myself amazed at some of the heroism that happened there. Reality is a long way from Hollywood regarding that war.