Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Other Things About Freedom Fest

Two other great performances were put on by Sherwood and KJ-52. All bands have a list of things they'd like to have provided to them by the concert promoters and this festival is no different. Most bands ask for things like a case of bottled water, a favorite snack, and various things like that. Sherwood asked for a live goat to be on stage during their introduction. They have a quirky sense of humor and they know that no concert staff is ever going to fulfill that request. Oh, but they've never been to rural Western Washington before. Sure enough, the MC brought a goat up on stage and told the story of how the band didn't think they'd get it. But, 1) the Freedom Fest staff is the best in the world and 2) the festival is held in one of the fields of Stocker Farms in Snohomish. Shoot, there were goats just a couple of pastures over. Now, with a very different kind of music, KJ-52 (Kay Jay Five Two) put on a tremendous show. He is energetic and funny and really gets the crowd involved. He does a trip through the decades starting with the 70's and encourages all parents, usually sitting further back in lawn chairs, to get up and dance to a disco beat in order to embarrass their children. I did not dance. Luckily for me, I was ten when disco was popular and that fad passed right by me. (I did have a Members Only jacket in the 80's but that's not relevant right now.)

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