Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Unnatural Act

No, I'm not talking about some of the more obscure and outdated laws of South Carolina. I'm talking about getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. My dentist referred to it as an 'unnatural act' and that your body doesn't want things that are supposed to stay in to be taken out. Judging from the involuntary and quite primal reaction I had to the event, I believe her.

In my writing I've often used the term 'bone crunching' to describe sounds of combat. I now know what that sound is... from up close. I'm laying back in the chair thinking about how I really wanted to keep my wisdom teeth all my life; sort of a personal goal, if you will. They start tugging, pushing, and twisting. I can hear the soft, crackly sounds of ligaments tearing away. Then there's this bone crunching crack and the dentist's hands jerk a little. My arms recoil and I shudder. I can feel the adrenaline flush into my system. The dentist pats me on the shoulder and says that's it. I was minus one wisdom tooth.

It was one bizarre experience that I'm certain I don't want to repeat.

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Anonymous said...

:( bummer, but imagine it...x4! That's what I had, but at least I had Valium. Mine experience felt more like being hauled into the pit stop at the Indy 500 but instead of tires being removed it was my teeth. Still, I feel for you.