Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby on the Ceiling

If you want to hear the most satisfying baby belly laugh you have to play this game. You take one Draper baby and grasp firmly about the middle. Then you lift baby up above your head and slowly raise him until his back is flat against the ceiling. Then shout in your happiest voice, "Baby on the ceiling!"

Works every time.

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michael said...

I miss that, but my youngest, who is seven, has the best chipmunk laugh, set off by the oddest things. In a recent episode of Justice League, Flash is in Lex Lutor's body, and has a conversation in the men's room with a baddie who still thinks he is Luthor. As they leave, the baddie says "Aren't you going to wash your hands?" and Flash says, "No. I'm evil!"
It cracked me up when I saw it, but my son went into full high-pitched rapid giggles, with an instant repeat whenever I say, "No. I'm evil!" We've gotten over a week out of it so far.