Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Rain today. Endless grey. But all is not lost! My review copy of Scarlet by Stephen R. Lawhead arrived. This cannot be a bad book. The reading will commence and the review will be forthcoming. This of course means that Gardens of the Moon and Dune are on hold.


Seren said...

Not Robin Hood careering round the Welsh countryside again robbing the rich to fund the poor!

It's certainly true that good old stories never die - but are just reinvented in slightly different contexts.

I smell a little rat here. If you are willing to read reinvented stories of Robyn Hoode and Ye Olde Merrie Menne and derive as much enjoyment from them as the original, where does that leave your comments about people who enjoy vampire stories? Rehashed to the point of tedium they may be, but they obviously hold a deal of fascination for many people.

You know, I have a nasty suspicion I'll have to read these Stephen Lawhead efforts myself just to make sure the historical details are accurate.

Scriptorius Rex said...

I know I've stated somewhere that I've become comfortable with my inconsistencies.

Son Number Two has started reading Hood and appears to like it. If he decides to drop Eragon I won't be all that upset, I've long ago stopped worrying about finishing a bad book just to say I finished what I started.

Seren said...

A vampire was asked why he preferred beautiful, virginal young maidens as victims. After all the enquirer said blood is blood no matter who it comes from. "I totally agree," said the vampire, "but I'm comfortable with my inconsistencies."

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Noooo, say it ain't so! I've been faithfully visiting here, waiting and waiting for your thoughts on GOTM . . . and you put it on hiatus?!


Scriptorius Rex said...

OK, how about I just put Dune on hold? GOTM was just picking up again with Whiskeyjack and his squad trying to get into Darujhistan. I do feel a fiduciary responsibility to read and review Scarlet since the publisher sent me a free hardback copy. I'll try to do both as best I can.