Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Battle's First Draft Finished

I finished 'The Battle of Raven Kill' in first draft form and have sent it off for the undoubtedly substantial improvement that will come when my very good friend goes over it and points out where I've been dense, daft, and just plain dorky. Now I have to seriously think about the next writing project. Or rather, which of my current writing projects to pick back up. I have two stories now that are still in rough draft form and need my attention. (By the way, I consider that first blast through to The End to be the rough draft and only after going back through and trying to bring the Story out of it do I consider it a first draft. In other words, rough draft and first draft are two different things. Until it is in first draft form, there's no point in sharing it because there's nothing there to share.) My inclination is to turn towards the reworking of 'Skyman' because I have a clearer idea of how to get it into first draft form. I seem to be thinking up bits and pieces of scenes for my novel project Broken so I'll let it continue in that fashion. In other news, I still haven't heard anything back from the agent looking at 1000 Things About Me. Onward and upward.


Seren said...

In other words, rough draft and first draft are two different things.

This is a skill I have to learn to master. Too often I begin something and then become frustrated because the first efforts I produce are less than perfect; or I will spend days/weeks working on a scene and then completely lose the momentum as far as the rest of the work is concerned. At which point I decide that the work is a complete failure and I must think of something new to begin. I know that this is a state of mind I need to banish and change. Ergo, early New Year's Resolution 'I must grit my teeth and bash on to an ending/resolution, no matter how imperfect the writing, before going back to edit and redraft.' Patience and persistence are virtues I must learn to cultivate.


Congrats on the first finish!

All the other times you have to travel the same ground in subsequent drafts can make it seem as if the work will never truly be done, but "The End" are two words always welcome to a writer.

Scriptorius Rex said...

Starre- In most of my writing lately I've been forcing my way through it in hopes that some kind of cohesive story would appear. I suppose I'm trusting in my subconscious to make perfume out of pig slop.

KB- Finishing is a happy thing but it feels like I should be writing 'The End For Now.'

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Congrats on getting this draft out of the way. Now on to bigger and better things!