Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Writing Project

The winner of My Next Writing Project is a story set in the last days of the Western Roman Empire. Right now I'm calling it "Decline and Fall" but that will surely change. This is the second story I've written that requires a good deal of research into all things Roman. The thing is, I could literally spend all day reading about the time period I've selected; and I've narrowed it down to somewhere around 380 to 400 AD in northern Italia. I'm trying to get the history of the setting correct because if I don't, there are plenty of people who will point it out. It's not a straight historical piece--there will be elements of the supernatural in it--but the intent is to be accurate. That gives me all kinds of excuses to waste time on 'research.'

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Seren said...

Good luck with the 'research'.