Monday, February 04, 2008

The Destruction of Western Civilization

Subtitle: Not Just American Teens Are Dumb as a Box of Rocks.

This article is stunning in what it says about the British. Almost a quarter of them think Winston Churchill was a fictional character. Also, almost 60% think Sherlock Holmes was real. I love Great Britain and everything about it but this brings something to mind:

"Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth should last for a thousand years, men will still say, 'This was their finest hour.'" --Winston Churchill

Unfortunately, men still say that.



Sometimes, there's nothing I can do but shake my head in surprise that should not be surprise, and wonder what in the world happened to the real world a/k/a the world where people actually use logic and know a few things.

Scriptorius Rex said...

And Son Number Two constantly whines about not needing to know anything about history...

Anonymous said...

For goodness' sake! The survey sample was 3,000 ... out of a population of 60,000,000!

If the interviewers went to the darkest regions of the unexplored inner city areas or the outermost reaches of the sheep farming Scottish/Welsh highlands, those responses would not come as a surprise to any savvy Brit. What can you expect of people who wear yellow wellies?

Anyway, I know Sherlock Holmes was real - I saw him on the telly the other night!

Scriptorius Rex said...

I'd be interested to see a similar poll in America. I fear what we might find out.