Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where Did I Put That Doggone Drawing Board?

"Such Great Faith" has been rejected again. Haruah declined to publish it and sent some comments from the slushpile readers that were interesting and pointed out some things that had slipped by me. (In other words, some of my assumptions were incorrect.) I'm thankful for their input and have some thinking to do about this story. It started as an experiment to see if I could artfully retell a bible story and focus on some of the other characters involved. I think I've done that but I knew from the outset that publishing it might be tricky. So now I think it will sit on the hard drive for a while until I figure out what to do with it. Maybe I'll put it on the internet somewhere and link to it from here. In the end, it is a story meant to point people to Jesus and after all, everything I do here is ad majorem dei gloriam.

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I have a few pieces like that: I know I said what I wanted to say, but the way in which it was presented, or the topic/theme, or some other thing, makes the completed story difficult to place. I don't toss 'em, of course, but keep them just in case I ever get enough to maybe create my own quirky anthology.