Monday, May 19, 2008

End of Empire Update

'Sunset' got worked over today with some expansion and a few historical refinements. It's now at 4050 words and I think it is very close to what I see as its final final form. The problem is that the more I write of the other stories, the more subtle changes become necessary to keep the entire arc consistent with the same tone and characterization. When any of them get published that will probably set the canonicity of the series but until then I'm free to adjust as necessary.

'Fire and Blood' is now up to about 2000 words and I've barely just started. It's going to be longer than I thought it was going to be and I already thought it was going to be longer than usual. I've got a couple of good characters developing and ideas for a couple more. There might even be room for some Ocean's Eleven type doublecrosses. That and shifting timelines make for interesting plotting.

The fourth story has a few sentences of notes now, most of which center around the time and location: 410 A.D. and the sack of Rome.

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