Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aaron LaMere and The Blackstones

No, not a title to a new dark fantasy story. This is a great indie worship band that I discovered last night at a local concert. Playing under a few names with a few different incarnations, these guys are excellent. LaMere is a solid singer-songwriter and an amazing guitarist. The music has depth and power and evokes all the right emotions at all the right times. It's the kind of music I quickly identify with because it's exactly what I try to achieve with my writing. I want a message to be transferred to the reader, even if it's one they made up themselves. Also, since it is societally unacceptable to stand on a bridge and bash in the brains of a horde of murdering savages I like to let the reader experience that (or something similar to that) through a cleverly told story. Not that The Blackstones give you that same feeling, but it's close. In a Godly, worshipful sort of way.

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Tony C said...

Happy Birthday Marine.

Keep on blogging, I enjoy reading your insights.

Semper Fi.