Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reasons For Blogging

This discussion comes up among writers every now and again. The two camps usually divide into Waste-Of-Precious-Timers versus So-What-It's-Funners. A recent post over at my new favorite blog of the week, Tales From the Raven, contains one of my comments on the issue as well as some other comments that are much more thoughtful and intelligent. Check out the rest of Suanne's blog as well, it's good. (Although I'm not sure how a blonde got the nickname 'Raven.') You also have to follow the links to her stories, especially "Storm's Rising." It shows why Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego has a ban on all sorcerers. Sort of. (And hey, how cool is it to have a last name Warr?"


von Darkmoor said...

Glad you found Suanne's blog, Jeff. I don't get over there near often enough, but I've always enjoyed it.

Love your self-deprecating humor here, too ;)

Jeff Draper said...

Yeah, but apparently I've managed to crash her blog. The link doesn't work this morning.

NewGuyDave said...

Good, to know so she isn't blocking only me. lol

Suanne said...

Hi, Jeff. Thanks for the link et al. Hmm, blog shows up for me, but my dh backed it up and downloaded some new stuff...maybe that's put it out of commission.

And, I am NOT blonde. Never have been, never will be. (not that I feel strongly about it, or anything. ;))

When I first found a silver hair, I had highlights put in, and my blog pic is from then. I'll get it replaced. :)

Jeff Draper said...

Case File 3985245
Snohomish County Superior Court
November 27th, 2008


VERACITY- Mr. Draper I'm about to pronounce judgment, any last words?

DRAPER- No, sir, not really. Except to say that I'm never going to bet my life on correctly guessing a woman's hair color again. No matter how obvious the apparent proof.

VERACITY- Good, because I find you guilty of being a complete moron and sentence you to time served plus ten hours of community service.


Suanne said...

ROFL! That was great. Well, if you're a moron, you've got a lot of company. That pic has misled several other people as well.

And I'll get it replaced. Really. Any day now... :)

PS I like the angel pic in the post above.