Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Little Known Laws of Thanksgiving

1. The Seattle Seahawks cannot play any better no matter how much national attention is brought upon them.

2. Laying on a couch in a semi-conscious state is open invitation for any child under 13 to leap up and bring down all their weight on your unsuspecting body. Twice.


NewGuyDave said...

Poor you, but the Seahawks had it coming. I can't claim to know everything about football. Alas, I know a few things.
1) Announcing that the head coach will not return at year's end, or allowing him to do so before the season ends, is stupid.
2) It is doubly ridiculous to announce the departing coach's replacement before the end of said season.
How can anybody expect the players to perform for a guy on their way out, especially when the chips are down.

The only team with worse management is my Raiders. Alas, Al Davis is like the Roman Senate all in one. I await the fall with tears at the ready.

Jeff Draper said...

The Seahawks management shuffle is puzzling and I'm not sure it's wise.