Saturday, December 06, 2008

And Now, For My Next Trick

"River of Bones" got to 10.5K and stopped. Reading it over showed two things. 1) It's a disjointed mess, but I kinda expected that. 2) It's missing a scene that pays off something I set up earlier. Anyhow, as a rough draft goes it's got the arc I'm looking for as well as a rock 'em, sock 'em fight scene.

Because I got one of the characters to a place that both closed this story and began the next, I began the next. I'm 700 words into "Broken Rocks" which continues the overall story like next week's Terminator. While I'm digging the episodic feel to the story I'm hoping that another idea will stand up and beg for attention because I have several vague notions of what to do after this but no real end in sight. As I've said before, we will see what we will see.


Suanne said...

Sounds like it wants to be a novel...:) Congrats on finishing the draft!

Jeff Draper said...

My previous attempts at writing a novel have run long and hard and collapsed under their own weight. Right now I'm really thinking of this as a series of connected stories so as not to jinx myself.