Friday, March 27, 2009

The Fall of Rome by Bruce Durham

As expected, Bruce tells a captivating story with an alternate history of ancient Rome. It is one of the high points in Abandoned Towers #2. The characters are very well drawn, very Roman, and very distinct in their viewpoints of the battle they've just finished. Set about 700 years before my own Roman tale, this one details a fascinating 'what if?' scenario that will make any student of history smile and think, "Yeah, that would've been cool."


Bruce Durham said...

Hey, thanks! Question. Was the ending a true surprise?

Jeff Draper said...

Yes, but of course you see it in the next column as you're reading. Still, when you see it it's good.

Bruce Durham said...

That's good. I was trying my best to lead the readers in a different direction.

Darned columns. Always ruining things.