Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Link- Jordan Lapp

I've added Jordan Lapp's blog, Without Really Trying, to my blogroll on the right. Pay attention to what he does and says; life will be better for you because of it.


Jordan Lapp said...

Thanks Jeff! I returned the favour!

Jeff Draper said...

The improvement made to my blog by your addition to it far outweighs the improvement made to your blog by mine.

(Now here's an interestingly serendipitous writing lesson. I rewrote that sentence three or four times because each time I read it I thought you might be able to think it was a snarky, self serving comeback instead of the compliment it was intended as. The first version: 'The improvement is to my benefit.' could be interpreted to mean that I am the more important one of us but that is in fact the exact opposite of the intended meaning. Each time I extended the verbiage to make it more clear I figured it could still be misinterpreted.

One more instance where tone of voice and inflection and such do not come across in print.)