Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flight of the Flight of the Conchords

While flying from here to there and back again, I saw a 'short programming feature' on the overhead screens while trying to ignore the overhead screens and read Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson. The guy on the screen seemed to be singing something and was kind of goofy looking with thick rimmed glasses and an unkempt mop of hair. I kept thinking, "I know this guy from somewhere, but I can't remember where." Later on (yesterday) I realized that he was with Flight of the Conchords and they had a couple of hilarious songs on YouTube. My very good Canadian friend, Jackie, had pointed me towards them a year or so ago. I've posted my favorite piece from them, "Jenny", below. "Business Time" is also very good and the rest of their stuff, mostly PG-13, will not disappoint. If you think your sense of humor mirrors mine (scary) and you have a spare 7:20, click on the video.


Anonymous said...

LOL I love these guys. Was is Bret (aka Figwit from Return of the King) OR Jemaine? Did you know Bret was Figwit the elf? ;)

This version of Business Time is still my favourite (PG 13 folks!)

Jeff Draper said...

The short programming included a video of 'The Humans Are Dead' with the cheesy future robots made of painted cardboard boxes. Bret's got the beard now and I didn't recognize him.

Figwit? You've got to be kidding. I will now use my Google Fu to prove you wrong.

*ctrl T*

*Google: Figwit the elf*

Holy crap

*click wiki*

Shoot, I guess you're right.

*reads further*

OK, that's just weird.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you doubted my undeniable geek factor. LOL Google-fu reminds me of that show on the food network...iron chef? LOL

Jeff Draper said...

I will never again doubt your geekiness.

I still remember fondly that day we geeked out over Pirates of the Caribbean through Yahoo IM.

(And don't tell me it was night time and the movie was Schindler's List and we used AOL.)