Monday, July 05, 2010

American Monarchy

Here is an example of the sort of Google searches that happen when I find myself at the conjunction of Random Thought and Nothing Better To Do. Ever wonder what sort of royal family we would have had if George Washington had installed himself as the first King of America? The result may have been something like this. While George had no children, his older brother did and that line survives to this day. Providing that internecine squabbles by someone name Custis or Lee never happened, or that no coup d'etat was led by Hamilton, or no second Revolution led by Paine, Adams, or Jefferson, or none of a bazillion other things happened that can lead to a monarchy losing their head, we could have the honor of our King being a guy from Texas. No, not that guy from Texas, I'm talking about King Paul Emery Washington of San Antonio.

Just something that came to mind on this day after we celebrate our successful insurgency against our evil British overlords some couple hundred years ago.

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radical royalist said...

Funny you did not mention that you got Dubya instead and endured him for eight years.