Thursday, July 22, 2010

National Defense University

So I'm at a two week course with the National Defense University in Washington D.C. and it's going right smashingly. Since some of you may also get the chance to study national strategy and defense policy formulation, here are some handy tips:

1. Go back in time and ensure you got a degree in political science so that you actually like the intensive study of national strategy and defense policy formulation.

2. If you do not normally wear a coat and tie every day, and if you should happen to run somewhere like, oh, say Goodwill, the week before you leave to stock up on appropriate clothing, make sure you actually check to see if the belt you bought fits correctly or was made for a waist several times too big.

2a. I know there's no possible way you could be such an idiot, but in case number two falls through the cracks of your planning process pack a ratty-yet-serviceable black belt that you normally wear with your jeans just in case.

3. Learn to like very, very hot and humid weather or go get one of the schools in Rhode Island.

4. Consign yourself to the fact that you will fall asleep during the Department of State's lecture and sit way in the back.

5. Remember to totally geek out over seeing a rack of Joint Forces Quarterly magazines and scholarly journals from the Center for Complex Operations. (Then start salivating when you find out they're free!)

If I think of any other handy tips, I'll let you know.

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