Monday, July 12, 2010

Star Wars: The Claw Wars

Son Number Three has recently discovered Star Wars. As usual for a three year old, he watches movies 'again, again'. (And I'm more than willing to oblige.) He started with The Clone Wars and promptly retitled it Star Wars The Claw Wars. (Interesting Side Note: Why did Lucas refer to the conflict as The Clone Wars? Shouldn't it have been called The Separatist War?) Soon, everything related to the series had that title attached. The original movie was retitled Star Wars The Claw Wars The First One. Episode III is now Star Wars The Claw Wars Where He Kills His Master. Good stuff. (He also now demands to have frequent lightsaber battles with the red and blue plastic lightsabers that somehow ended up under the Christmas tree last December. Good thing I'm fairly proficient with the sound effects.)

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