Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hawai'i Is Not Just Palm Trees and White Beaches

Today I did something that I think is pretty neat but most of you will think is stupid. I took some of my companies line cards and made a few sales calls. Yes, I had just gotten off a twelve hour shift and could have gone back to my room and slept. However, I figured it would be fun to see if I could drum up some business.

So I drive around Pearl Harbor on H1 and go to the James Campbell Industrial Park. This is an area with smoke stacks and dirty trucks. There's garbage blowing on the street and a lot of broken chain link fences. I stopped by a few places and was marginally successful at seeing people.

As I was driving out of the area I was struck by the fact that you don't tend to see this place on postcards and calendars.


CuriousRead said...

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Two Write Hands said...

Hmm...any pictures? You know, since some of us will probably never get there. :)

Scriptorius Rex said...

I'll have to remember the camera next time. That should be late November or early December.