Saturday, August 11, 2007

Slow Going

I'm having a tough time getting through the first draft of 'The Battle of Raven Kill.' Like several of my concept pieces there's action and imagery but no pathos. I'm trying to work in ways to build that up and might be able to pull it off in the end but for now it's a little weak. One problem is lack of dialog between hero and villain. Another problem is lack of single villain. (Which might explain the first problem.) I've also confined the action to a single bridge. All of which are mounting up to cause problems, or rather, challenges. And so it goes.


Seren said...

1. I presume your protagonist has to make a choice; a choice which involves a measure of sacrifice on his part? The good of the unit vs individual desires?
2. Backstory of protagonist? Is this an opportunity for him to redeem himself e.g. after some error of judgement/failure to act/an act of cowardice during an earlier period. Have earlier actions of his directly contributed to the danger the group is facing now? Does he come to realise this and be prepared to make atonement?
3. What is the cause of antagonism between the two groups? Is there a personal issue at the heart of the dispute e.g. a betrayal or a seeming betrayal of friendship between the protagonist and the 'villain'? Or has one group usurped the land rights of another? Has murder been committed? Is it about the right to rule?
4. Is there a 'villain' in the protagonist's camp who tries to sabotage/betray the group?
5. Is the protagonist handicapped by some physical/mental condition that will render his decision to sacrifice himself more poignant and heroic because it seems he is up against overwhelming odds?
6. Does he have a family? How will his decision impact on them? Will their reaction make it harder for him? Is there a member of the family to whom he is particularly attached?
7. Does he wish to confront the villain in order to avenge the untimely death of a member of his family?
8. Are the odds stacked against the protagonist in terms of physical strength, skill, experience when involved in physical combat?
Hope this might be of some help.

Scriptorius Rex said...

Good advice, as all your advice is. I've got a trip to Hawaii coming up next week and I'll get some time to think about it.