Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rhode Island Finally Gets With the Program

Welcome, welcome to the lucky person from Cranston, Rhode Island. You, whoever you are, were the first person from the last state to visit Scriptorius Rex. (Unfortunately for you, I was kidding about the winning free sex thing.) Now I have a completely full map of the USA on my web traffic analysis page. This is a rite of passage, sort of like jumping from tall platforms with vines hooked through the skin on your back, that I've been anxiously counting down towards. I'm nationwide.

Next stop: THE WORLD!


Seren said...

So now you've made your impact in all 52 states you must surely intend to extend your influence worldwide. Where to next then ...


Jeff Draper said...

Actually, unless you're Barack Obama, there are only 50 states that annually celebrate independence from Great Britain. I'll have to check on how Canadian Provinces are delineated in Google Analytics. (Do they even have computers in Nunavut?)