Sunday, June 01, 2008

Writing Milestone

I did a strange thing a few seconds ago. I sent an email to an editor with one of my stories under consideration and withdrew it. As some of you may know, The Roman Stories I've been working on have changed and changed again. The first of them is now stronger for it but is also several iterations away from what I sent out a few months ago. It's an odd thing for a barely published writer to say, but I feel that artistic control of these stories at this point is important. More important than the chance of publishing just because I want something published. So now, "Sunset at the End of Empire" is free to seek acceptance elsewhere. And that's not so strange.

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Artistic control is important.

Somewhere along the way, movie directors, art gallery owners, book editors became the arbiters of art, and the artists themselves were made to feel like they couldn't succeed without pleasing the gatekeepers.

But there is more than one gatekeeper, and more than one venue, and we craftsmen should be shopping our work to the best possible place. (Kinda how an employee is hiring an employer, not simply the other way around.)