Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Will All Die

I was watching the classic Star Trek episode "The Lights of Zetar" last night. Why I was watching Star Trek when I had other work to do is not really important. Most of the family was in and out of the room and taking every opportunity to comment on the horrible acting. (We decided that the bad actors must have been on purpose. They are the only way to make William Shatner look brilliant.) Anyhow, the guest star of the week was inhabited by a bunch of sparkly lights that were some kind of collection of life forms. Kirk was having a conversation with them through the possessed crew member when she delivered the best line of her performance: "You will all die!" The family got a good laugh out of the melodrama and repeated it a few times. Then, out of the blue, Son Number Three belts out "ALL DIE!" The round of laughter he got cemented that line into his vocabulary and he kept shouting it in his deepest little two year old voice. What made it funnier was the karaoke machine in the corner that he knows how to turn on. Why we have a karaoke machine in the living room is not really important but it was stinkin' hilarious. With the reverb turned way up he kept shouting "ALL DIE!" as loud as he could. Good clean family fun.

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